This compost has been hand made from intercepted food waste and local carbon sources. It undergoes a natural thermophilic phase to kill any weed seeds and pathogens, before being left to mature for a full diversity of beneficial bacteria and fungi. We do this by keeping the compost aerobic throughout the process as well as only screening by hand to not slice and dice the biology before it arrives to you.

The final month of maturation is aided by composting worms, which will arrive inside your bucket along with the rest of the biology to restore/support a thriving soil food web and make plant available nutrients.

The compost is supplied in reclaimed 30 litre buckets which we require returning (we can collec) to be washed and used again and again, so that this product can be single use plastic free.

Proceeds go to increasing our reach and capacity to intercept more food waste and make more of the good stuff that our soil needs!

Community Compost Club Compost Delivered Locally

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