This compost has undergone a carefully designed and managed aerobic process to result in a product that will feed and establish a healthy soil food web, making plant available nutriets.

We can turn sand into soil!

Firstly a thermophilic phase to kill any weed seeds and pathogens (harnessing naturally occuring biology) before being left to mature for a diversity of beneficial microorganisms.

The final month of maturation is aided by composting worms, which will arrive inside your compost along with the rest of the biology to restore/support a thriving soil food web to make plant available nutrients.

This compost has been hand made from members intercepted food waste and local carbon sources. All waste product which would have generated harmful emissions had it gone into conventional waste management streams.

Healthy soils. Healthy plants. Healthy humans.

Proceeds go to increase our reach and capacity to intercept more food waste and make more of the good stuff that our soil needs! UK shipping.

Free local delivery to Compost Club members.

Living Compost Inoculum - 1.5kg/2.5L

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  • Use this compost to introduce the beneficial biology it contains. 

    Only a small amount is required to introduce the biology and only needs a good supply of organic matter and/or cover crop to help it spread and establish a healthy soil food web with nutrient cycling.

    Add it to beds by sprinkling. Coat seeds (before sowing) or add to water to extract the biology and pour it onto plants and soil/compost.