Intercepting approximately  80,000 litres of food waste per year.

Saving almost 5,000,000kg co2e emissions*


Living Compost

Healthy soil

Healthy plants

Healthy humans

*figure based on calculations from DEFRA.

Landfill emissions minus composting emissions.

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Domestic Food Waste Collection

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Compost & Compostable Products

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Commercial Food Waste Collection

Who We Are

Compost Club is a company with a purpose beyond profit, creating a community of composters in Brighton, Hove, Lewes and surrounding areas. Diverting local food waste from landfill or incineration is very important to us as well as cycling these nutrients to create a compost full of the organisms which give life to the soil. We can use this to reduce compost miles, sequester carbon and green our local landscapes from people's gardens, allotments and even bigger growing projects like community gardens and market gardens.

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From Our Customers

Biology Guide

Channel the natural benefits of our living compost.





"How can we expect living plants if we don't have a living soil?"

Michael Kennard

Compost Club Founder

Garden Soil

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