About Us

Healthy soil.

Healthy plants.

Healthy humans

We are on a mission to produce compost full of the biology to green our landscapes and produce abundance as well as offer food waste collection to change the current system which sees the majority going to landfill. We can cycle these nutrients as nature has always done.
We are also keen to spread this work through talks, tours and teaching.

Humans have stomaches to absorb their food and rely on an innumerable amount of other organisms to make these nutrients available. Plant's stomaches are the soil! Their roots release energy 'exudates' to attract the right biology to make nutrients available to them. If these micro organisms are not present in the soil then the plants will be vulnerable to pests and disease and not produce the healthiest food.

Ultimately we see soil as the foundation of life on land, quite literally. We want healthy soil to produce healthy plants for healthy humans and all life on earth.

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Soil Food Web

All of these things should be found in a healthy soil and make nutrients plant available.



A spoonful of soil can contain billions of bacteria with thousands of different types. Bacteria eat organic matter and release manure as plant available nutrients. They are also food for protozoa, nematodes and arthropods.



Fungi do an important job in breaking down organic matter like bacteria, but they can also form a beautiful sysmbiosis with plants, creating a secondary root structure exchanging nutrients and water. This fungi is called Mycorrhizae.



Single-celled organisms that feed on bacteria and produce a nitrogen rich maure which is in perfect plant available form. They're one of the favourite foods for nematodes.



There are a few types of nematodes, but what you want are fungal and bacterial feeding nematodes as well as predatory nematodes that will eat protozoa and other nematodes. They are also food themselves for arthropods.

We are registered to collect and carry your waste as well as process it.

Registered waste carrier