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  • What if I forget to leave my bucket out?
    Not to worry, we will be back around on the next collection day, but if you're running out of space then do reach out to us and we can try and get to you asap.
  • Do I need a compost container?
    We provide a sealable food waste bucket for you.
  • Do I need to wash my bucket?
    No, we collect the bucket and leave you a clean one every time.
  • Can I include cooked food waste?
    Yes, we can compost cooked foods along with veg peelings and egg shells.
  • Which areas do you cover?
    Currently we cover from Lewes to Portslade, with Brighton and Hove in between. We are planning to open a site in Lancing to be able to cover as far west as Worthing soon.
  • How often do you collect?
    We collect from domestic members every 3 weeks. Simply leave the bucket outside on collection days and you'll find a clean one awaiting you by the end of the day.
  • Do you compost vegware or compostable plastics?
    We used to but found that they are difficult to break down and require a lot of time. There is also concern as to what chemicals could be in these products so we do not take them any longer. Paper bags are fine.
  • Can I add the compost inoculum to my home compost bin?
    Yes indeed, it is ideal to add to a maturing compost as it will introduce the microbes. You can simply empty the contents onto your pile and mix it in well when you aerate the pile.
  • How do I carry out a liquid extraction?
    Use the bag provided, an old pair of tights or a purpose made compost tea bag. Add water to bucket and massage the compost in the water. The water will soon brown as the humic acids and biology become suspended in the water. This can then be watered onto the ground as well as onto the surface of plants as a foliar spray.
  • How do I look after the biology once applied?
    Keep a good mulch of compost on the surface of the soil and keep living root structures in the soil as much as possible. We recommend perennial plants or the use of cover crops over winter.
  • How far does the bag of compost go?
    Our compost is best applied at around 1,000 litres per acre. The 2.5 litre bags will treat about 6 square metres each.
  • When is best to apply the compost?
    We recommend spring time, ahead of planting and also the autumn after many of your annual crops have finished as the best times. You can however apply as often as you like. The more applications, the quicker the soil food web will take hold and be most effective.
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